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then join us, be one of the villagers.


Founded in 2010 by Bianca Phumzile Williams and Mphakamisi Ramesh Masina, Khulisani Foundation is a registered non-profit and public benefit organisation. Our focus is consciousness development through knowledge of self. We have programs that talk to the essence of the African child and offer organisations the opportunity to fuel this vehicle for social change in order to drive positive transformation around South African communities. As an organization, we have an extensive reach which expands to every province in the country.

We have a database of over 20 000 learners, 200 educators and headmasters. Our online reach is over 200 000 people and we pride ourselves as an organization that is in touch and most relevant to S. A’s youth culture. Our mission is to teach knowledge of self to African youth. Our vision is to grow our projects into an institution that provides African youth with education that enriches their identity and promotes their heritage. Some of the organisations we have worked with are listed below.

Youth Development cannot be fully achieved outside an intergration with popular culture. See how Khulisani marries the two.

Khulisani continues to break new ground well into its 5th year. Join us on our plight to be active agents for social change.

In response to the increasing social ills in our communities, redefining development has become a new found mission for us.


Association Incorporated Under Section 21 - 2010 / 017808 / 08 - NPO number 09 06 13 - PBO number 930 035 404


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