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School programme

Khulisani Foundation has 7 years experience in designing and implementing school programmes that add value to the academic life of a learner. Our tailor-made 12-month school programme conducts classroom sessions and camps that focus on identity, goal-setting, leadership and character development in the journey of finding one’s purpose and aligning it to their career aspirations. We have managed this program for  WIPHOLD, Campaign For Girls and Nedbank.


This serves as an introduction to the program and is the most impactful presentation. We engage learners in understanding the definition of identity and its differences, while making examples on how one can identify various African cultures, people, knowledge systems and lifestyles. For Khulisani Foundation, understanding identity is the key to connecting the African child with what they learn and experience not only in school but also in their own personal development


We extend our discussion to engage learners in the importance of character development in determining purpose and goals. By understanding this, the learners get a chance to examine their desires, traits and characteristics in deciding what career path to follow and what dreams they’d like to achieve. This presentation also explores how to navigate the challenges that young people go through on a daily basis; such as substance abuse and peer pressure.


This presentation looks at how leadership begins with the discipline that one has over their own life and how it expands into other areas in school and their communities. We also engage the learners in a talk on youth morality. We observe the moral dilemma that young people have and host an honest and open dialogue about the challenges and advantages of growing up in South Africa. We also examine how hip hop, as the most popular youth culture and as an African original, creates leaders of various industries and the appeal it has worldwide.

Farm programme



Khulisani Foundation has created 5 projects under our farming banner that encourage the inclusion of every community member in their holistic development. Our programmes primarily benefit the youth from early childhood development, growing with them through primary and high school. We also offer accredited skills training and development to out-of-school youth, ensuring the connection and longevity to our programme.  At Khulisani, we also recognise and understand the value of involving the elders in activities that are part of the mission to alleviate poverty and encourage socio-economic development.



The Nursery School Initiative is our early childhood development programme that develops sensory and cognitive functions through the introduction of agriculture. This programme provides the natural environment for children to engage all their senses as they learn and play in a stimulating environment that encourages positive brain development.




Recognising that food is the number one need for human beings, our Food For Thought programme engages primary school learners in planting 5 types of nutritious food and understanding its importance and impact in making effective learning possible.




Our high school learners take part in The Pharmacy programme, which develops a patch where they plant natural herbs and medicines that can relieve common ailments that are prevalent within their community.  They also include these medicines with the “Care Package” which has nutritious food for  delivery to vulnerable members of society.




Our skills development and training programme engages out-of-school youth on the farm, teaching them how to grow and process food. We also link these youths with opportunities for further training, education and employment.  We encourage our youth to participate in food security, environmental affairs and business development




We recognise that development doesn’t fade and disappear with age but that each member of society needs to to be engaged in activities that are required for their stage in life.  Our Seasoned Elders programme engages the older members of society in planting their own food and flower gardens, supporting continuous stimulation of the brain and encouraging a prolonged and good quality of life.

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