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Khulisani: a WIPHOLD success story

Women’s Investment Portfolio Holdings Limited (WIPHOLD) is an investment and operating company owned and managed by black women. It is a company dedicated to the empowerment of black women and has over the years pioneered an innovative business model, which integrates development and empowerment into robust business operations. WIPHOLD’s business interests are primarily focused on mining, infrastructure and financial services. They currently have over 200 000 women beneficiaries.







Our relationship with WIPHOLD has been a defining one in the development of our organisation. We cannot talk about Khulisani Foundation without mentioning the mentorship and unwavering support that we have received from this amazing company since 2010. Through this relationship, we have found a home in which we have been groomed to develop projects with depth and reach, expanding to all provinces across the country. As our primary partner, WIPHOLD has invested over R3million into Khulisani and its projects.

They have believed in our vision to empower African youth and have fuelled us to have the impact that we do today. It was through participating in their school workshops that we were able to develop our school program, which began running within WIPHOLD adopted schools, focussing on the holistic transformation of young people. As a result, Khulisani Foundation has had access to over 50 000 school going youth and have had more than 2 000 direct beneficiaries of our programs. Our track record is testament to the fact that when it comes to true holistic youth development, Khulisani Foundation has made a positive and lasting impression on South African communities.


"Our track record is testament to the fact that when it comes to true holistic youth development,  Khulisani Foundation has made a positive and lasting impression on South African communities."


Ms. Louisa Mojela



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 “ We are so grateful as a school, to have been chosen to have our learners participating in your program. We face a lot of social problems that directly affect our learners but the exposure to your program has given them something positive to focus on and the opportunity to even make different decisions. And now, spear-headed by the girls who are part of your program, our school has one of the highest pass rates in the district, improving from 75% to 95%. We are so proud of our girls and hope that you will continue doing great work with our other learners as well next year. ” - Mr Thibanyane – Principal, Atlehang High School, Free State “Khulisani has shown learners how important they are as individuals and how they can contribute to the broader society. Topics on values also added another dimension in the workshops presented which prepared learners in their personal development and character. The school is very pleased to inform the organisation that there has been a lot of improvement in the learners’ commitment and discipline.” - Mr Motsepe - Deputy Principal Moroka High School, Free State “Being at the camp meant a lot to me because I got to form bonds with other young people from all over the country. It gave me a sense of belonging and a sense of who I am as an African child.” - Albertina Hamese - Class of 2014, Limpopo “I would like to thank the Khulisani team for a job well done with the program. I really appreciate what you have done for my daughter and really hope that she can follow in your footsteps of leadership, compassion and integrity” - Ms. Mokoena - Parent of Motshidisi Mokoena, class of 2015, Gauteng

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